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that just works

We have a unique way to drive your message to where the people are, using DAV® (it’s pronounced “dave”), our digital mobile billboard.

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Stop wasting advertising dollars
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To be a successful business you need memorable, cutting-edge advertising that works. We understand how easy it is to waste money on ineffective advertising that’s easily forgotten.

We have a unique way to drive your message to where the people are, using DAV® (it’s pronounced Dave), our digital mobile billboard.

there's a more effective way you can advertise

DAV is a digital mobile billboard that helps you reach more customers and get ahead of your competition.

why you should choose

digital mobile billboards

96% of viewers say that mobile billboards have more impact than static billboards.

- American Trucking Association & 3M

An advantage of mobile digital billboards is that they have a recall rate of 97%, which is incredible.

- RYP & Becker Group

Mobile billboards boost name recognition 15x greater than any other form of advertising.

- European Outdoor Advertising Association

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What CLIENTS Have to Say

subscription advertising

how does it work?

We offer monthly subscription-based packages. Your 1-hour ad rotates with a non-competing business over a 2 impression hour block. Hours are determined by traffic patterns in your area.

be competitive

essentially 3 days per week

hours / MONTH


Own the market

essentially 5 days per week

hours / month


get noticed

essentially 2 days per week

hours / MONTH



Priority Opt-In for Special Event Advertising*


Lifetime Member in the Founders Club**


Guaranteed Renewable ‘Own The Market’ Pricing
*Available on the first subscription      ** Provided no lapse in contract

where exactly does

DAV drive each day?

DAV’s route is determined by the traffic patterns in each territory. With data provided by the state department of transportation, this route is guaranteed to give your messages the most exposure.

make sure you follow

DAV's media specs

Screen Sizes

Sides: 12ft x 6.5ft
Rear: 6ft x 6ft

Screen Resolution

Sides: 608 x 320 pixels
Rear: 288 x 288 pixels
Both: 72dpi

File Formats

Stills: JPEG
Video: Gif, MP4, MOV

Designing your own ads? We’ve created a Photoshop template file to help you!