photo of a mobile billboard truck available for advertising in Natick MA

Mobile Billboards Natick MA - Runningboards Marketing

Our mobile digital billboard trucks DRIVE your advertising to where your customers are!

Runningboards Marketing Mobile Billboard trucks are servicing Framingham and all of Massachusetts…with cutting-edge advertising that works!!! Our backlit LED digital billboard, named DAV, offers the latest technology with a quick turnaround time to advertise your next special event, employment opportunities or any other business advertising in the most memorable digital media, including video!

DRIVE YOUR ADS ANYWHERE IN Natick OR THROUGHOUT MASSACHUSETTS – Call today and see your ad on a digital mobile billboard in as little as 24 hours!

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There’s a more effective way you can advertise…Mobile Billboard Trucks

We understand how easy it is to waste advertising dollars, and that’s why we utilize DAV, our digital mobile billboard. Digital mobile billboards are proven to be more effective and offer better brand recognition than traditional advertising.. Mobile LED Billboard trucks can display multiple ads or even videos that showcase your business anywhere you need them. With traditional advertising producing frustratingly less and less ROI, Mobile LED Billboard Marketing offers a unique, effective and eye-catching, memorable alternative that will bring brand recognition to your company.

Runningboards Billboard truck advertising will drive your message to where YOUR CUSTOMERS are, using DAV® (pronounced “dave”), our digital mobile billboard.

Why are mobile billboard ads more effective?

  • 97% recall rate: People remember what they saw.
  • Noticed 32.6% More: Mobile billboards are noticed more than roadside.
  • 15x greater brand recognition: Boosts brand recognition 15x greater than any other form.

Watch to learn more about DAV and see some of our mobile billboard ads around Massachusetts